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Cryogenic Therapy

Cryogenic Therapy

Understanding Cryogenic Therapy

Cryogenic therapy, also known as cryotherapy or cold therapy, is a therapeutic technique in which the body is exposed to exceptionally cold temperatures over a short period. Depending on the client's needs, the whole body may be exposed, or only one portion of the body exposed. Individuals may receive various benefits from cryogenic therapy, and the frequency and length of treatments are highly dependent on the situation at hand.

What is the Purpose of Cryogenic Therapy?

Inflammation occurs in the body from various sources, including disease, aging, diet, lifestyle, exercise, and injury. This inflammation wreaks havoc on the body, interfering with cell function and reducing the health of tissues. It is suspected of contributing to numerous diseases and affects muscle function, often resulting in poor coordination and pain. Cryogenic therapy stops this inflammatory process and reduces the presence of harmful chemicals in the blood and tissues.

Potential Benefits of Cryogenic Therapy

  • Reduces pain caused by migraines, arthritis, nerve damage, and injury
  • Decreases muscle damage due to exercise and aides in time of muscle recovery
  • Destroys inflammation both locally and throughout the body
  • Improves cell health and function

Cryogenic Therapy at Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery

At Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery, we utilize an ice bath for our cryogenic therapy. At temperatures between 50-60 degrees, this method is a much less painful and invasive approach to obtain sustained benefits from this form of treatment. We often pair this treatment with our other recovery and fitness services.