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Blood Lab Analysis

Blood Lab Analysis

Blood Lab Analysis

Your nutrition tells us so much about your health and wellness. By analyzing your cell's function, we can pinpoint nutritional deficiencies contributing to decreased health and dysfunction. Your health is a direct reflection of the state of your cells and systems; where there is nutritional need, you'll experience symptoms of pain, fatigue, or disease. When you are fueling your body for its best, you'll feel at your best. So here at Re-Gen, we optimize your health by finding an individualized nutrition and fitness program that will have you feeling energized and renewed!

Blood Lab Tests

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment I

This test measures your risk of cardiovascular disease and disorder. Analyzing specific proteins present in your blood, including quantity and size, will tell us your risk factors for heart disease. These proteins tell us a story of how optimally the processes that promote or inhibit efficient cardiovascular function are occurring. With heart disease risk factors, mindful changes to your nutrition can decrease the risk of cardiac events and dysfunction. When you know your possible risk and how efficiently your heart and vascular systems are performing, you can make the necessary changes to reduce your risk, and live a long healthy life.

Micronutrient Profile 

This test is used to measure cellular efficiency. Analyzing a group of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids) in cells allows us to target specific nutritional deficiencies that are affecting cell function and, thereby, health. When cells are healthy, you are healthy, when there is dysfunction, there can be signs and symptoms, for example, weight gain or infection. By analyzing a nutritional profile specific to your health needs, you can target the cause of your dysfunction and resolve chronic and acute health conditions more efficiently than ever.

DNA Assessments 


Methylation is a measure of how well your DNA is functioning. It is responsible for maintaining balance inside of your cells. This test measures the oxidative stress within your cell's environments, which contributes to system imbalance. When you are out of balance, it increases the risk of disease and disorder. Knowing how your DNA is functioning, will allow you to optimize it, and improve how you feel, think and move.


We can examine your biological age by the life of your cell's telomeres. When these structures are long, it represents a healthy functioning system, while shorter bands represent increased age. Studies have shown that an increased inflammatory diet and lifestyle (highly processed foods and chronic sedentary behavior) create a damaging environment for your cells. Aging is a natural bodily process, but new insight into your body's function, allows you to make informed decisions that optimize your health and wellness!