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The Why

Why Re-Gen?

Our goal is to optimize your health and performance through a combination of our fitness programs, recovery therapies, nutritional supplements, and custom orthotics. Alone or in combination, our services can reduce, reverse, or delay the effects of age, injury, and disease, while increasing your strength, fitness, and coordination. The fitness and recovery programs here are designed by our lead physiologist, and our certified trainers utilize rehabilitation and strength and conditioning techniques to ensure our clients gain optimal muscular balance, posture, and mobility. No other center in the region combines physiology and biomechanics into their fitness programs, while also offering cutting edge anti-aging and holistic health services like our recovery therapies, custom orthotics, and orthomolecular supplements.

Anti-Aging at Re-Gen

Aging is a disease that accompanies pain, dysfunction, and eventual death. Research shows that the aging process starts to take a toll on the body as early as your 30’s, but it also shows that fitness and the recovery therapies we utilize can reduce or reverse these effects. For this reason, anti-aging is an important aspect of the services we provide. Although we can’t change your chronological age, through our fitness and recovery services, we can change your physiological age. We can get you out of pain, enhance your cell and tissue health, improve your posture and mobility, and give you a greater ability to do the things you love in life. Here, we “re-generate your younger self”, leading to a longer, healthier, and more active lifestyle.  The sooner you start to combat it, the greater the effect you’ll attain, so there’s no better time to start than today! 

Sports Performance at Re-Gen
Sports Performance

One of our specialties is coaching and programming focused on improving your physical abilities, while simultaneously protecting your long-term health and chance for injury. This applies for younger athletes who want to train for high school or college sports at a high level, as well as for middle aged or older clients looking to improve their performance in their favorite activity. Our workout programs are custom designed for your needs by exercise physiologists and supervised by our certified USA Weightlifting coaches. With over 10 years of experience working with a wide array of clients of varying disease states, injury histories and ages, we can help you to meet your fitness and sports-related goals, while also helping to improve your health and reduce your risk for injury.

Rehab at Re-Gen
Physical Rehabilitation:

Our goal in physical rehabilitation is to be a bridge between physical therapy and regular exercise. Through physical rehabilitation, we help our clients overcome acute and chronic injuries, correct long-term problems with posture and mobility, and prevent future injuries and pain. We utilize biomechanics, physics, and functional anatomy in our evaluations and custom workout programs to correct muscular imbalances, improper neuromotor patterns, and range of motion limitations. This enables our clients to gain and maintain a high level of strength, fitness, and overall health so that they can participate in the activities they love free from pain or injury.

So if you’re someone who wants help to improve your health and physical abilities, address the causes of pain or injury you’ve experienced, or just want to re-generate a younger, healthier and more active you, please reach out now to schedule a meeting with us!