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  • Just off of South 96th and L Street in Omaha NE

The What

At Re-Gen, we utilize Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery for:

  • Injury and Disease Recovery and Prevention
  • Increased Length and Quality of Life
  • Improved Sports Performance and Vitality

Our Fitness Process

Whether you’re trying to rehabilitate or prevent an injury, combat the effects of aging or disease, or just want to improve your health or performance in your favorite activities, Re-Gen can help you. Here, we value exercise technique above all else, utilizing custom-designed exercise programs and constantly supervised workouts to improve posture, mobility, balance, sports performance, and health. This allows us to help our clients prevent the onset of disease or orthopedic injury and enables us to improve the length and quality of their lives. 

After an initial exam, which will help us to determine your needed areas of improvements in biomechanical, cardiovascular, and metabolic health, our lead exercise physiologist will construct a custom workout program to be performed under constant supervision in our fitness center. This supervision allows us to continue to correct your technique and modify your programs as you progress and your needs change. We have clients here ranging from 15-85 years old and from perfectly healthy to severe disease or injury states, and we’ve been able to help them all. It’s no wonder some of our clients have been coming here for over 20 years!

Our Nutrition Process

At Re-Gen, we offer holistic nutrition, which is a form of nutrition that focuses on how potential nutrient deficiencies can impact your health and longevity. We offer blood labs that examine your body’s ability to metabolize various important nutrients and create supplement plans designed to combat any deficiencies you may have. We also utilize blood draws that examine your DNA health, your cardiovascular health, and your levels of inflammation. With this information, we can use nutritional consultations to determine necessary dietary changes and what supplements may be needed to improve your health, prevent and reduce diseases, and increase the length and quality of your life

Our Recovery Process

The American College of Sports Medicine’s states “Exercise is medicine”. It is quite literally the best thing you can do for your health and has been shown to statistically increase the length and quality of your life. However, exercise and participation in sports can put a lot of wear and tear on your body and can ultimately lead to injury if done incorrectly. This is especially true as we age, compete in sports at a high level, or suffer from health conditions or injuries. In these cases, the toll on the body can increase above our body’s natural ability to recover. For that reason, at Re-Gen, we incorporate our recovery process into our training programs. 

"Full recovery" consists of three parts, the first of which is called “cryotherapy”. Just as icing a sprained ankle can stop inflammation in that joint, by utilizing cryotherapy, we can stop inflammation throughout the entire body. 15 minutes in our cold water bath causes the blood vessels to constrict and halts the inflammation process. After this, you will move to an infrared sauna for another 15 minutes, which re-dilates the blood vessels and promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body. The final step in the process is 30 minutes in our hyperbaric chamber, where you will breathe 60% oxygen in a high-pressure environment. This increase in oxygen eliminates the inflammation in your body, allows the cells to heal, and enables your tissues to work more effectively. We also have the option of adding pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to your hyperbaric oxygen session for those with who wish to improve neurological and neuromuscular health as well. "Partial recovery", consisting of either cryotherapy and infrared heat, or just hyperbaric oxygen, is available as well. Our full or partial recovery processes only last an hour, but the health benefits will last for days!

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