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  • Just off of South 96th and L Street in Omaha NE


Brian G - Anti-Aging
Bruce G - Covid-19 Recovery
Kate G - Athletic Performance
Sue H - Parkinson's Disease
Jared D - Anti-Aging

What Do Our Customers Say?

Gisela Walley

This is a great Fitness and recovery center! I was looking for Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for my husband and Re-Gen gave me the BEST price and we are getting the best SERVICE as well. Steve is a very nice owner to work with- knowledgeable and good communication. Since I have a problem with my left shoulder ( frozen shoulder) Steve recommended a stretching exercise in the Flex Machine and it is working for my shoulder- muscle is loosing up and I can lift my arm! My husband love the HBOT- has more mental clarity. Staff is awesome there. Nick is very helpful and caring! Happy that I found this place. I highly recommend it! - Reviewed on Google